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Geologist Qualifications and Services

Victoria A. Rushing Cueman, Florida P.G. 2311

Previous and Ongoing Experience

Conducted inspections on active remediation systems for operation and maintenance utilizing specialized environmental testing equipment. Provided expertise in water resource protection, permitting, compliance, and enforcement in order to meet federal, state and county regulations and guidelines.

Sampled soils, sediment, water, air and hazardous waste; assessed impacts of contamination on wetland, vegetative and wildlife for management and restoration of natural resources and to ensure safety and health of the public.

Interpreted land cover and utilization (i.e., wetland, forest etc.) using aerial, satellite, GIS for use in storm water pollution prevention plans and land management for private companies.

Interpreted soil, geologic, topographic and flood zone maps and non-intrusive surveys (Ground Penetrating Radar and Electromagnetic); assessed borehole and geophysical logs for hydro-geologic parameters for contamination delineation.

Trained and evaluated environmental staff.

Provided seminars, technical reviews, and quality control inspections, including well construction oversight and remediation system operation and maintenance. In the US and UK.

2005 to Present
Company Owner and Consultant. Reviewed GeoScan data and attended training on new equipment. Established LLC for consulting. Setup Internet business for marketing.

1999 to 2005
Environmental and Remediation Specialist and Operation and Maintenance Inspector for Sarasota County Environmental Services, Sarasota, Florida. Obtained Professional Geologist license in Florida in 2003. (Previously licensed as Professional Geologist in Tennessee and Kentucky)

1998 to 1999
Senior Project Scientist for Professional Service Industries, Memphis, Tennessee completing site assessments, monitoring, disposal, permitting, and remediation tasks.

1994 to 1998
Geologist IV for Tennessee Department of Conservation, Division of Superfund. Managed the remediation of hazardous waste sites.

1986 to 1994
Consulting Geologist for various companies including E.I. du Pont de Nemours, FT Fischer and Associates, Gulf Coast Well Analysis, Law and Associates, etc. Collected data for the US Geological Survey during down hole hydrological formation testing. On-site geologist for the Waverly, TN Geohydrological Survey Well that was cored continuously from surface to almost a mile below surface. Conducted Underground Storage Tank removal and landfill studies.

Education / Continuing Education Units through present

Murray State University,
Murray, Kentucky Master of Science in Geosciences 1989

Professional Geologist Services

  • Provide subsurface scanning for sinkholes
    (for other applications see About Us)
  • Conduct Non-Invasive Surveys of property utilizing highly specialize equipment
  • Perform thorough review and assessment of data scans
  • Provide detailed report with signature and seal of Professional Geologist
  • Facilitate permitting processes
  • Assist with compliance issues
  • Ground truthing of scans when indicated and appropriate
  • Provide Real-Time data
  • Provide oversight for remediation if requested
  • Soil and groundwater / surface water testing
  • Provide GPS locator data
  • Provide Phase I and Phase II studies when requested