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Who We Are

Geo Scan Inc. is a phase 1 and 2 scanning company. We specialize in mineral and void detection as well as detecting other sub surface anomalies. These services include, but are not limited to sinkholes, cavities, tunnels, shafts, graves, utilities, pipes, drainage, ore deposits, shipwrecks, and other buried items…

Applications include archaeology, geophysics, mining, and hydrology.

The addition of Satellite scanning services has taken the phase 1 scanning to a whole new level. Pinpointing the targets, sizes and locations has helped mitigate the costs associated with ground-based searching and testing for a target confirmation.

Ground-based equipment can now be used to process confirmed site data gained by satellite locating and positioning. Satellite scans can cover depths from surface to over 20,000ft (about 6.1 km) to authenticate targets. The principles and methods are explained further on.

Geo Scan's consulting geologists have a combined total of 40 yrs. in void and sinkhole study and research. Their ability to assess information on our scan data puts them in the top of their field. Our company, as well as our clients, have the assurance that Geo Scan’s geologists will give 100% focus on each client's data to ensure satisfaction and compliance with regulatory offices. Geo Scan Inc and its consulting geologists are fully licensed and insured in the state of Florida.

Great care is taken to ensure the results are an accurate representation of the actual data, with a policy of minimal filtering and grid smoothing. A close relationship with the onboard operators allows for a more realistic understanding of the acquired data; often negating the need for excessive filtering, which in turn allows for a greater quantity of the real data to be available for interpretation.

Our Ground Equipment

Geo Physical Electromagnetic Surveyor is one of the most technologically advanced pieces of equipment available on the market today. It has the capability to show ground data in real time

Our Ground Penetrating Radar Unit has the capability to pick up most ground anomalies and sub surface disturbances up to approximately 150 feet or deeper depending on ground conditions and antenna used.

Proton Magnetometer, for specific field measurements of ferrous objects over land and water.

Structure Scan, for reading the integrity of concrete structures, including but not limited to re-bar placement, Spalding, rusting, penetration location, wire chases and pipe location.

FLIR thermal sensing camera, locate hot and cold leaks in building envelops, map vent locations and flow rates for mine shafts. Check bearings on mechanicals while in motion.

Magneto Telluric, locating and mapping of oil and gas deposits at depths greater than 2000'

XRF Field services, Track mineralization in the field, test samples on the spot without taking the samples from the site, sample location gps and photo accompany the result for each sample taken. Hundreds of samples can be taken in a brief period depending on site parameters.

Here are just some of the companies that have used our services:
  • Gold run mines AK
  • EZ Realty FL
  • REMAX Realtors FL
  • Sawni Mining Corp NM
  • Raise Treasure foundation PHP
  • Nova Gold Inc AK
  • Nagambie resources Australia
  • PNG government
  • Osceola mine NV
  • Realty Executives FL
  • Treasure Unlimited OK
  • Army corps of engineers FL
  • A&E Broadcasting CA
  • History channel
Countries serviced to date:
  • Greece
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Philippines
  • Uruguay
  • Bahamas
  • Panama
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Italy
  • Andros Island
  • Turks Caicos
  • Costa Rica
  • British Colombia