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About Geo Scan Inc.

John Casey
Geo Scan Inc.
1104 Gulf Oaks Dr.
Tarpon Springs, FL 34689
(727) 946-1892


  • We use the most technologically advanced equipment available, coupled with licensed geologist who are experts in there field.
  • We offer services for a reasonable price over our competitors.


  • Proven success as General Contractor and Project Manager with over 28 years experience in the building industry.
  • Over 21 years experience in geology, prospecting and mining.
  • Anomaly location.
  • Using various equipment, have located gold, silver, ore-bodies, caves, tunnels, grave-sites, sinkholes, cars, storage tanks and underground storage facilities.
  • Performed various scans for a number of historical societies, in NY.
  • Performed preliminary scanning of dredge areas with Army Corps Engineers in Florida.
  • Performed hundreds of scans for sinkhole location in Florida.
  • Performed 100's of scans for precious mineral detection in the USA and abroad.
  • Presently exploring oil and gas deposits, as well as placer mineral deposits and non ferrous underground storage deposits around the world.
  • Performed 1000's of Electro Magnetic surveys for customers around the globe.
  • Performing detailed Satellite scans for positive confirmation of targets, saving customers hundreds of thousands on wards of millions in some cases.

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