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Geo Scan Inc.

“Exploring the possibilities right beneath your feet”



We are a sub-surface mapping and analysis company. Scan depths ranging from a few feet to 20,000 feet over land and water.   

Advancements in Satellite scanning technologies have put us years ahead of our competition.


We use the latest air and ground based technology to locate, test, map and quantify various types of sub surface anomalies. Including but not limited to;






Ore deposits

Gas and oil pockets

Nonferrous and ferrous metals


We also provide services for:


Concrete inspection

FLIR inspection

Leak detection

Tunnel and cavern exploration and mapping.

Site engineering

Geology services

Nonferrous locating and mapping

Arial mapping/ Satellite Imaging and gravity data 
Ship wreck locating

Our services are available worldwide.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


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